Thursday, August 5, 2010

KL Walkabout

If you're able to withstand the KL weather, breathe the dusty air, and occasionally avoid the crazy driver on the streets, you'll be surprised that there's actually quite a bit of KL to photograph. Dorsett International is in the midst of revamping their blog, and wanted me to help snap some photos of the area surrounding their hotel. There's more to KL than Bukit Bintang, Twin Towers, and the megamalls. If you're looking for something different,  here are some of the photos taken off the beaten track.

 The Coliseum Theater is one of the oldest pre-war theaters left standing in Malaysia. Built in 1920, the still running theater was built by the Chua family, houses 900 seats and mostly plays Hindi movies. (source: Wiki)

More pics after the jump.

Jalan Melayu (Malay Road) is always buzzing with activities with stalls lining the side of the streets selling everything under the sun. A great place to really have a taste of local flavours.

 Yummy local cuisine cooked and entirely ran by a Malay family.

Right next to Jalan Melayu is this old building built in 1915, it's one of the few heritage buildings still standing in KL. It currently houses goldsmiths, pawn shops and tiny grocery stores.

Just slightly further down the street is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building which was designed by AC Norman, and built between 1894 - 1897. Named after the reigning Sultan of Selangor during the period when it was built. The building used to house several important government department during the British Administration. (source: Wiki)

Nearby is Jalan Masjid India (Indian Mosque Road) filled with colours, smells and sights that will satiate your 7 senses. Look out for this Indian Uncle who has the biggest array of sweets & nuts I've ever seen.

If you would like to escape the KL heat for abit, there are smaller malls in the area with shops that you would not have in the bigger malls along Bukit Bintang.

Wondering if the streets are safe to walk, fret not, a HUGE police station is just around the corner. You will definitely not miss this!

And here's the view from one of the rooms at Maytower Hotel. Amazing view of KL from the 23rd floor. Lookout for the photos on the Dorsett International Blog here.


  1. not fair! how come when i always go to KL got either - 10 too much traffic around or 2) bad weather waannnnnnnnnnnnnn T_T

    p.s. nice shots :p

  2. Kevin: Yea, luck plays a big part too! Early in the mornings are the best! :) Good luck in your next trip to KL.

  3. Oooh Ooh nice post !


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