Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3, 2, 1, Action!

Had a little time before dinner this evening, and Mark was making sure that I go home with as much knowledge that he can part with before my next trip down to Singapore again. This time around, along with Jonathan, we headed down to East Coast Park to test out Mark's Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Lights and played around with exposing the nearly setting sun, and filling in with the really portable and handy lights. We each took turns to hold the lights and modeled, making sure that we exposed the sky correctly, then fill it in with the lights. This was the shot that I took of Jonathan doing his Flying Kick in mid air.

More of our crazies at the beach after the jump.

We were losing light really quickly, and before you know it, the sun dropped passed the horizon and left us with nothing but the street lamps behind us, and the quadras in our hands. What else could three guys do at a beach with an excavator parked right there. THIS! :)

The Furious Five's greatest foes. The Terrible Three.

Armed with only one tripod, we had to mount Mark's 5D2 on it, and took turns holding the light while one of us jumps in front of the camera. Exposed long enough to light the excavator, and then blasted the light onto the subject just before the end of the exposure. Below is the three images before blending them together. 

 Un, dos tres...

By using the mask layer, I masked out the best exposure of the three when put together. Notice that in the shot that I was in, the Quadra lights were visible! :P  Check out Mark's site for a cool animated photo that he did.

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  1. awesome job man!
    it didn't even occur to me like it was an edit.


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