Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making the first move

Nope, not writing about how to woo the girl of your dreams but rather more in relation to photography. Took a morning off to do some light shooting with Mark and Jonathan at Little India, and instead of just really taking random photos, Mark suggested that we each have at least 5 shots that we are happy with, and one of them has to be a head shot. There's where the blog title comes in. Making the first move to ask a random stranger on the street: "Hello Uncle, can I take your photo ah?" will eventually pay off when you have that really up close and personal shot of that weather worn, gritty greasy, creased uncle that was sitting by the road side, enjoying his last puff on his morning cigarette.
Mark & Jonathan pondering on their next shot.

I then realised that it wasnt as difficult as I first imagined it would be. I don't know if the older folks in Singapore are more receptive to having people randomly taking their photos, or just the fact that there are people out there who are just ready to be a camera. This has fanned a burning interest in me to try this back home. Petaling Street anyone? 

A flock of tourist on their tour of Little India
Initially Little India wasn't as busy as we hoped it to be as there were no hustling and bustling of uncles and aunties. But as we had breakfast and roamed the streets abit more, we found little gems hidden along the way. 

That's my Teh Tarik buster!

The Noodle Man with endless supply of freshly made noodles!

With Mark encouraging us to go up to people and shoot, we were slowly getting the hang of it, and managed to capture really interesting characters around Little India. See more of the pics after the jump. 
The Sifu working his magic on Mani the Parakeet's handler.

Trishaw Uncle waiting for his next customer
Patience pays off

Can you feel that intense stare?

Click here to view more photos from that morning's little adventure.


  1. This is something that I can never have the courage to do. Go up to someone and ask them if I can take their photo.

    I am a little bit shy or scared when it comes to taking random photos of strangers like these.

    I went to a class for portraiture once and it was soooo hard for me to instruct the models to get into the pose that I wanted them to do.

    Well done!

    I will stick to taking photos of things and animals. hehehe

  2. I was like you too. But we went in a group of 3, and we sort of "forced" ourselves to do it, by at least getting ONE shot. :) Just do it, once you break the "barrier" it will be so much easier. And generally Ang Moh's are more receptive to stuff like this eh! Have fun!

  3. dude. i like your blog!
    it's worth a million dollars.. this wealth of information.

    hey, do you guys give anything back to these people you photograph? or is it simply a word of thanks?

  4. We gave more than a word of thanks. We gave them THREE! One each! :p Nah, dont think we will be giving them anything in return. This was more of a leisure shoot. Would love to do one, where we print and give them the photos as well! :)

    You should check out this other blog as well! :)


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