Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tethered Shooting

If "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder", then make up is definitely "The Apple of the Eye". I Was recently in Singapore to assist Mark from Mark Teo Photography at a beauty DIY shoot for Beautymap; a Singapore fashion magazine. Fashion & beauty shoots can be a bit different as you would have the editor and/or stylists from the magazines to oversee the shoot. For every shot that you take, they would like to view it up close to see if we've managed to capture the money shots. 

Mark's 5DMKII tethered to the Macbook for a carefree shoot.

It would be too troublesome for them to view the image on the photographer's camera screen, so instead, we tethered the camera up to my Macbook, for easy viewing. Not only is it easier to view the images taken, it is also easier for us to filter through the many shots taken throughout the whole shoot, and mark down the editor's favourites along the way. That saves us time when we have to send a batch of favourites for them to choose from.
Images taken by Mark pops up immediately on the Macbook.

Tethering the camera to the Macbook also enables the editors a live view of the shooting area when we were shooting products. Propped up with a bird's eye view of the table, it was difficult for the stylist to place the products the way they want it without looking into the viewfinder of the camera. But with the live view on the Macbook, it was much easier for them to place the products. 

Clients/editors/stylists can view the shots up close and mark down their favourites along the way.
Behind the scenes credits to: Jonathan Tan
Digital Photo Professional, comes bundled with Canon DSLRs.

Using the software called Digital Photo Professional that comes bundled with the Canon DSLRs that you purchase, you are able to almost fully control your camera from the computer that you sync up to. All except focal length, the software enables you to control, shutter speed, aperture, file size and even white balance. A handy software to have on your laptop for shoots such as this.

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